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Choose Your Pricing Plan

Work deeper to develop workouts safely tailored to a client’s health, abilities, preferences, and body type. Learn about proper form, breathing techniques, proper ways to warm up before your workout and proper ways to stretch after your workout. You will definitely get pushed and you will get the best results, Results both small and big are tracked and acknowledged!


Our one-on-one training program is our approach to providing our clients with exclusive access to customized solutions with their health and fitness needs.

With fully customized mobility, strength, and cardio programming this is the ideal option for clients looking for a personal environment to reach their fitness goals; as well as clients with particular needs that require expert attention such as injuries or long term limitations.

What it includes:

  • Complete body assessment before designing your exercise program to determine any injuries, limitations, and imbalances.

  • 100% attention during your hour sessions that are based on the individual program designed by Iron Garden Fitness Studio.

  • Nutritional plan tailored to the client based on goals, allergies, food preferences, and daily schedule.